The latest buzz about Vinexpo, the biannual best known international wine fair to be held in Bordeaux from 19th June 2011, comes  from its CEO Robert Beynat who implied that following an eight year absence the show would be back in the USA in 2012.
The last presence of Vinexpo in America was Chicago in 2004 at the time when the USA had invaded Iraq, and due to the opposition to the war from France there was a strong opposition in the US against France.  According to Decanter, the hostile feelings resulted in a minus 25% attendance as compared to the 2002 Vinexpo in NYC.  « It was not an auspicious time for Vinexpo to set up a trade fair in the US« , Beynat said.

« But now it’s the right time to get back to America, » he explained, « in the US they drink 12 liters of wine per capita a year while in the UK it is 27 liters.  If America is going the same way as the UK then it is the future. »

Robert Beynat was speaking on the eve of the 16th edition of Vinexpo, which will open in Bordeaux on 19th June and close on 23rd.  It is also the 30th anniversary of the perhaps best known wine trade fair.  48 countries are represented this year as opposed to 45 in 2009 although the number of exhibitors remains steady at around 2,500.

« Once again, multinationals such as Constellation and Pernod Ricard and other major companies such as Torres and Gallo will not be taking stands, the reason being that 2010 was a difficult year for these companies, » Beynat added.

What may not be surprising is that Chinese delegates will double this time.

India is not participating in Vinexpo 2011 due to the huge costs and because one has to plan a long time in advance.