Robert Parker, the Wine Advocate renowned critic, has warned that wine-lovers of the Western world could end their affair with Bordeaux should its châteaux raise prices on their latest vintage once again.

Parker dubbed « the pope of the vineyards » due to the influence his wine notes wield, said Bordeaux would play a « very dangerous game » if they decided to raise the 2010 prices. Many Bordeaux producers and some critics had hailed 2009 the « vintage of the century » after near-perfect climatic conditions, and prices for the top growths reached record highs. « This is only the eighth vintage of the century in ten years, » commented ironically the successful French winemaking consultant Stéphane Derenoncourt.

Given the hype, Mr Parker, said: « If 2010 is released at higher prices than 2009, we can expect a financial crisis and the emergence of a bubble for Bordeaux’s grands vins. » Read More