The leading 5th growth PONTET-CANET has raised its price for the 2010 vintage by 39%.
If anyone thought the warning of American wine critic Robert Parker
to the Bordelais this week to be modest with release prices of the 2010 Bordeaux vintage or risk facing a « financial crisis » in the “fragile global economy” was going to calm matters, they counted without the swagger of Château Pontet-Canet.

How do I decide on the price and timing of the sortie?” Alfred Tesseron, who runs the super-cinquième – the Château was placed as a 5th growth in the famous 1855 classification but its reputation has soared way beyond its ranking – said to me when I visited in April for the annual barrel-sample-tasting circus that precedes the release of prices. “I wait for suddenly one day I wake up and I know what I think.” Read More