After a heatwave last week, the Mistral is now blowing cold and hard from the north.
In Provence, the harvest is going to be late this year, as the vines were slow to bud after a long and bitter winter.

To get a foretaste, I went with Anne on our usual walk across the creek behind our place into the vines of Gigondas, munching all the way, with the Dentelles de Montmirail in front in the distance.

Fingers crossed.  It could well be another brilliant year.  [I never met a winemaker who’d confess to being superstitious, but I don’t know one who would dare say that].  Although the grapes still need another couple of weeks, they explode with flavour.  And not only grapes.  I  picked a basket load of figs off an abandoned tree and found a clump of juicy blackberries.