My wife got tired a’ me runnin ’round, so she tried to keep me home
Well, she broke my nose and hid my clothes, but I continued to roam
Then she finally hit my weak spot — threatened to throw my bottle out
Well, from the basement to the rooftop, everybody could hear me shout

Chorus: Gimme that wine (Unhand that bottle) (3 times)
‘Cause I can’t cut loose without my juice
Gotta have hot lucy when I go walkin’ y’know…

Either Follow Jon Hendricks If You Can (A. Minvielle) or Lambert, Hendricks & Ross or Blood Sweat and Tears

Well, one day while crossin the avenue, a big car knocked me down
While I was stretched out tyin’ up traffic and crowds came from blocks around
Now the po-lice were searchin my pockets, before they sent me to the funeral parlor
But when one o’ those cops took my bottle, Jack, I jumped straight up and commenced to hollar

Chorus: Gimme that wine (Unhand that bottle) (3 times)
‘Cause I can’t get well without Muskatel
I only drink for medicinal purposes anyway

Well, now, one real dark and dreary night as I was staggerin’ home t’ bed
Well, a bandit jumped from the shadows and put a blackjack ‘side my head
That cat took my watch, my ring, my money, And I didn’t make a sound
but when he reached ‘n got my bottle, you could hear me for blocks around

Chorus: Gimme that wine (Unhand that bottle) (3 times)
Beat m’ head outta shape, but leave my grape.
Watch, ring and money ain’t nothin’ but don mess with my wine, Jim

Well one day my house caught fire while I was layin’ down sleepin’ off a nap
An’ when I woke up everything was burnin’ with a pop an’ a crackle an’ a snap
Now the fireman chopped up my TV set and tore my apartment apart
But when he raised his axe to my bottle, I screamed with all my heart

Chorus: Gimme that wine (Unhand that bottle) (3 times)
So I can drink one toast before I roast
No sense goin’ out half baked, Might as well be all tore up

You can take all those Hollywood glamor girls — Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Bridget Bardot n’ Lucille Ball
and all them chicks ‘n line ’em upside the wall
Put a GIGANTIC jug beside ’em, n’ tell me to take my choice
Well, there’d be no doubt which one I chose, the minute I raised my voice

Chorus: Gimme that wine (Unhand that bottle) (3 times)
Well those chicks look fine, but I love my wine
Now some folks like money, some like to dance and dine
But I’ll be happy If you give me that wine

Either in Follow Jon Hendricks if you can (André Minvielle, 2010),or Blood Sweat and Tears (9:37, w/ David « Spinnin’ Wheel » Clayton-Thomas, vocals,  Jerry Sokolov on trumpet, Jerry Foote on bass, …, 1993), or LHR