The snow storms that jammed freeways in northern France have moved down to the South.
It has snowed all night in Sablet, and continues.

The wind has just picked up a minute ago. If it turns into a mistral, the sky will turn blue and the snow will pile up in drifts. This is what the locals fear most, as the roads turn into skating rinks and their cars end up in ditches.

In any event, the wood stove is working nicely and I’m not moving today.

If the old adage is true that a good freeze in winter is the best fertilizer for the vines, we are in for another good year this year.

sablet-church-snow sablet-gigondas

Left : Sablet village barely visible.
Right : Sablet vines with river Trignon behind (Gigondas AOC on the other side of the trees)